For You

For you, I will


For you, I will get out of bed


and fetch a glass of water.


For you, I will sing aloud


in a karaoke bar.


For you, I will dance

ballroom style

wearing high heels and victory rolls.


For you, I will strip


with lights on and eyes open.


For you, I will


My unlost love

it’s been you here

all along,

but I treated you like shit

like the one who would always be there

always too there

always right here.


And it’s not poetic but it’s true,

I am sorry.


I’ve been lost and

I’m coming home.

No matter what it takes.


For you, I will storm castles.

For you, I will slay dragons.

For you, I will sail 1,000 ships.


When it’s all over

and with wobbly arms

we embrace,

listening to ships reach the shore,

I will be unlost too.


I will climb back in bed

hoarse from singing my heart out,

feet throbbing and eyes drooping;

wearing only these blankets.


And I will

for you

finally be home in me.



Everything in me wants to explain this love poem to you, Dear Friend, but I will trust Mr. Rogers here:

What is offered in faith by one person can be translated by the Holy Spirit into what the other person needs to hear and see. The space between them is holy ground, and the Holy Spirit uses that space in ways that not only translate, but transcend.


What would you do for the one you love? “For you, I will…”