Sex – vulnerable, powerful sex – gives you the chance to be laid bare. Your faith and experience of love shifts through it…

Last week was Good Friday and Easter, a time of year that often calls me to deep contemplation and a distinct feeling that the line between heaven and earth is thin.

So I am reminded that our bodies are an important part of our spiritual growth, and as our spirits grow our bodies heal and have more fun.

Sex is as simple as bread. As mindless or meaningful as we want it to be.

I can slap some PB & J on a piece of bread, fold it, and eat it while catching up on Netflix.


I can kneel in a holy space and take the bread, dip it in the wine, and unite my body with the source of Life.


Jesus’ story involves the goodness of the soul and the body, both.

Jesus, who spends the night before his death caring for the bodies of his friends – cleaning and serving them. Jesus, who touches the untouchable with no fear or shame.


Where do you struggle to feel acceptable?

Where do you feel untouchable?

Where is it difficult to receive care?

When are you tempted to hide parts of yourself?


Be honest with your body and your past. Be honest about where you have trouble receiving love on a sensual level. Have the courage and humility to be touched by loving hands.

And do the same for your partner. Sex is a gift to give AND receive. When we receive love into the darkest, most untouchable places, it changes us and grows our hearts. We start to feel the expansive, unflinching love God has for us. It is not a love that stays in the clean, pretty places. It is a love that washes dirty feet. It is a love unafraid of unacceptable, imperfect skin.

Let sex be a spiritual practice of receiving love and acceptance for your whole self.


Maybe this Easter, church can improve your sex life. <3

Love, N