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Quickie 3

quick help you get in the mood for love...   Warning: Hugging Causes Love ***** Stand close to me. Closer.   Wrap your living arms around me and I'll wrap mine around you. Until our torsos press together so soundly that our hearts can whisper in each others ears.   Hug me til I'm real, til the day releases me into your custody.   Even the monks do it. They say it causes love forgiveness too.   We are [...]

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Quickie 2

quick help you get in the mood for love...   Your fat cells cannot keep the love out. Love penetrates. You, my Darling, act like fat destroys Love - like Love will disintegrate upon contact. How weak and fragile you imagine It. Love knows no destruction, fear, or preference for which kinds of cells it touches. As long as those cells carry the distinct signature inside that reads, "You" ... then they are each perfect.     

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Quickie 1

quick help you get in the mood for love... oh, hello, Body. Tell me what you want. All of it. I will listen and not laugh or judge. I can't promise to give you everything you want, but I will sit and wish with you.   Just because you want it doesn't mean you'll get it, but I sure do love to hear what you like and dream with you. I'm sorry about the times in the past that [...]

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Boudoir Pictures Story

Why take boudoir pictures? How to make taking boudoir pictures great? What to look for in a great photographer? ***** Boudoir Pictures. Why take them? There are lots of reasons people do the things they do… but why on earth would an ordinary, smart person dress up in lingerie and try to be sexy for a professional photographer? It's similar to why people run marathons. You could just run, you know. You don’t have to pay anyone to let you run [...]

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The Best Reasons to Take Boudoir Pictures

Hi there, Loves! Boudoir Pictures are like tattoos. It seems like everyone’s getting them. But, why? And what is the BEST reason to take Boudoir Photos? Didn't your mom warn you never to have naked pictures taken? Well, if you do them for the right reasons, they cannot be used against you. The best reason to have professional boudoir pictures taken is FOR YOU. When you get them for you, they take on deeper significance and empowerment. Let's talk about 3 purely [...]

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Help Your Spouse Want More

Hey Guys, Want more great sex with your spouse? Want them to want sex more? I'm not one to be bullet-point about things, but since this is for you Guys I'm gonna try. Let's start with the delicate subject of arousal and wanting sex ... ***** Imagine that every couple days your female best friend drives to your house to see you. You open the door and run out. Grabbing her in a fierce hug, you smile and stand together for a [...]

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What is a Passional? It is a letter from me to you combining PASSION + SPIRIT. Part devotional. Part sex-therapist session. Part drinks with a best friend. ***** In a world full of demands and expectations around beauty and sexuality, a Passional is freedom and exploration. When you receive your weekly Passional, you will know I have been thinking about how to bring more Bravery + Beauty + Freedom to your life in bed and out. ***** It's all about [...]

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Start coloring with 50 Shades of Grey

I write and speak on the topic of sex.  I want to be careful with the trust you have given me on this subject. I will not tell you whether you should see 50 Shades of Grey since I haven't seen the movie yet. Only you know what is beneficial for YOU ... but hopefully this will help you cultivate freedom and beauty in your own life either way.  Here's what I learned from reading the Fifty Shades of Grey books: [...]

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How to have a soulmate

Lately, it has been very cool to say that your husband is not your soulmate. My Husband is not my soulmate - like here My Husband is not my soulmate - or here And I get it. It feels good to be strong and independent and logical. "I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings." These women are breaking through the myth that there is one, magical person who is your other half and who will make [...]

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Passionals Newsletter Sign Up Now

Love and Making It is about to start a new season Hey, my friend! It's time for us to start something new together.  At one point or another you've read the blog, seen me speak live, or taken an ecourse and I want to THANK YOU for that. Thank you for joining me here. Thank you for being brave enough to even start reading and thinking about how to make your life better, braver, and more beautiful ... even IN bed.  This [...]

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