quick thoughts…to help you get in the mood for love…


The world is complicated when it comes to sex

Let it go.

So you shut down last night.

Start over.

So you feel fat.

Oh well.

Make a fire and burn your cares. This is your chance to bring heaven to earth for yourselves. Freedom. Love. Forgiveness.

Speak love to each other. Light a candle. Close a door.

Fight the darkness and separation in the world.

Embrace the NEEDS in each of you as they slowly surface in the safe space you create.

After you have relaxed, it’s time to move. Find a rhythm and then change it. Move slowly. So slowly. Believe you are worth watching. Make pictures out of reality. Burn your image on his brain. Make him never forget the sight of you in those panties, because you love those panties and he should know it… you should know it.

This life is still yours. Remember, love wins.