I’m here. In here. 
not body or soul

but both – Both
skin and nerves
sewn to love and fears
touch me, please
so you can touch me

We are neither angel nor animal.

We can live for days as if our minds are the endless, beautiful, infinite space of creativity and spirituality. We can live for days as if our bodies are the magnetic, focused, sensory playgrounds of indulgence and physical exertion. We can choose to live on either side of the divide, but only so long as we can keep up the illusion that there IS a divide.

We cannot live long or well without realizing the mental effect of our physical actions.

We cannot live long or well without realizing the physical needs and effects of our mental obsessions.

You are imagination and skin.

Skin is holy. Spirit is holy.

If we are living for the day that we are finally done with this body and can be the spirit we were always meant to be, we are missing the goodness and holiness in Life. It is in and through our bodies that we love and are loved.



Last night, my littlest daughter asked me to cuddle with her. She loves when I gently run my hands up and down her legs as she lays in bed. Her soft body glides under my warm hands and I pray for her as I slowly make contact with each inch of her tired skin. Being alive is exhausting, especially when you are doing it well. So, I pray for her health and for her legs – that they would be strong and sure. I pray for her heart and the blood flowing through her veins. I pray for her gut – that she would feed it well and listen to it even better.

As I am praying, she asks if she can rub my arms. She tells me to sit still and proceeds to run her excruciatingly soft, gentle, cool hands up and down my tired arms. And my heart breaks.


The glory of a touch given with so much care and innocence and generosity.

My heart breaks into one zillion pieces and I like it.

My spirit and my skin pull tight against each other, no empty spaces, only wholeness. Tears spring to my eyes. I smile. This is what it feels like to be real

…to have my physical world and my spiritual world alight with electrical impulses connecting me to me.


When your body takes action, connect your spirit with that action. Commit your whole self to the present moment. When you hold someone’s hand, make sure your personality is in that hand too. Make it mean something.

When your spirit processes life, include physical activity in the process. Deep breathing changes everything. Sweat cleans more than just skin. Touch matters. Include your physical life in your spiritual life and witness real change in the overall enjoyment you experience.


If God came to earth in a human body, there is no stronger word to be spoken about the goodness of skin and bones.

God came in the form of Jesus.
And, well, it could be said that God is on earth within the form of YOU as well.

“Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?”
1 Cor 3:16


So you can touch me | www.1000strands.com

Touch me, please

Touch is not always a demand. Sometimes, it is a request for care and connection. Sometimes, most of the time, it is soul care deep down.