Those are words I hate.

Get over it.


They undermine every molecule of my being – my ENFP personality.

Empathy. Therapy. Conversation. Process.  These are priceless values that bring humanity and love to every relationship. Basically, my friend, you would almost never hear me say “Get Over It.”

Until NOW.

If there is something in your way, GET OVER IT.

Maybe it’s my age. Maybe it’s how much I want us all to be the vibrant, powerful creatures I know we are meant to be… but… We CAN get over this. 

Whatever it is that is standing in your way, get over it.

maybe… just maybe…

You are a victim of your mindset. You let your thoughts and fears and fixed beliefs stop you from being really alive. You do not act with passion or dauntless fear because you do not think you can handle the reactions of other people. You fear the looks on their faces or the words formed in their mouths. You would do it, but then there would be consequences in their judgments and confusion so you do not do anything but the same old quiet thing.

maybe… just maybe…

You don’t know what step 2 will be so you never take step 1… you fear the awkward and ugly moment after step 1 when you’ve got nothin else in your scared brain and don’t know how to get out of the situation. You’ve backed out of enough weird moments with people to know you don’t want to do THAT again. 

So you never say HI to someone cute. You only dance ironically. You change your clothes without ever getting naked. You don’t remind your boss how awesome you are at your job. You walk right by the opportunity for BRAVE and TRUE because you are too scared of AWKWARD and STUPID.

Get over it.

Too scared? Too intimidated? Too ugly? Think no one understands you or cares what you have to say? Controlled by other people’s decisions? Too short? Too nice? Too introverted? Too old? Too young? Too too too … NOTHING.

Yes, we will look stupid at times. Oh well!

I get it. 

I am only now realizing just how careful I’ve been and how much space for growth there is if I “get over it.”

Both physically and mentally, it’s time to get over ourselves.

Take that Zumba class.
Start your own business.
Go tell him how you feel. 
Wear the damn dress. 
Ask for the promotion.
Apply to the fellowship.
Write the letter.
Go first next time.
Turn the lights on. 

What do you need to get over and do?

You cannot properly love yourself until you get over yourself.



Climb over whatever is standing in your way, Love. //

Climb over whatever is standing in your way, Love.